Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Real Life Inspiration-Mary's Story

Last week I linked to a blog written by a girl named Mary, this is another Mary.  There are some awesome Marys out there!
I really am so excited to have this to share with you today!  You have heard me talk about this Mary-the woman who won the last local BL competition.  You've heard me mention how awesome it is to be in workout classes with her and see how incredibly strong she is!   She was kind enough to share a little about who she is, and her story.
So without any further blabbing from me, here is Mary. :)

I will introduce myself a little.   I am a wife and mother of 5 children. I had every reason in the world to be happy because the life I had was very close to the life I hoped I would have. My Husband is a wonderful man and I am surrounded by amazing friends and family and I love all of my kids to death but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't escape the reality of my weight. I would go months without letting myself think about it and then something would happen that would hit me smack in the face and I would have to sit down and cry because I would feel so ashamed at the reality of what my body had become.

I finally hit rock bottom one day when I went to the mail box and in the mail was an invitation to a baby shower from a dear friend back in high school. I opened the card and sat down in the garage and cried because I knew that these friends hadn't seen me in over 10 years and I could never show up 100 pounds over weight. I had allowed my weight to become so out of control that it was now stopping me from enjoying all of life. 

That is the night that I called Maryanne Holtz, who I knew was offering work out classes in her basement. She told me about a biggest loser competition and that next week I began my journey in changing my life. The competition was 12 weeks and I ended up losing 60 pounds in 12 weeks and winning the competition. 

I share with you my story about what got me to the point of deciding to change my life because I am a believer that everyone has these moments whether in weight loss or in something else in life where you finally reach a point in which you have to decide to take charge and change what is that is holding you back. 

When I started this competition I knew that the only way I would really have a chance was if I got very real with myself and so I sat down with my family and asked them to help me change as a family so that I could have success. We changed a lot of things but mostly our schedule. I had gotten very use to putting myself at the bottom of the list...that was the first change. I now wake up every morning at 4:45 am to go to my workout (not everyone has to workout this early in the morning but for me it was the only time that I could dedicate to myself). We pulled some of our children out of extra after school activities that were taking us away from home at dinner time, we changed my husband's busy night time meeting schedules around to fit my new life style. This was an important step that I suggest everyone who is looking to make a real change do. I had to learn that it is okay if the family gives a little for me to be healthy because a healthy wife and mother is a stronger and happier wife and mother. I also change what food we keep in the house and how often we go out to eat. I try to never be away from the house during a meal time and if I am then I pack my own food.

Next was pushing through soreness and being out of shape. Working out and changing your body hurts...there is no secret answer!!! I have had several people stop me and ask how I have lost so much weight and it is funny to me that they are surprised when I say exercise and eating healthy. This really is the answer. I exercise about 2 hours a day and eat 1500 calories. I have found that substituting some of my favorite foods for healthy versions has helped a lot. 

I am now in another biggest loser competition trying to lose the last 40 pounds and I can say that everyday is a still a choice. I have lost 10 pounds so fa.r I still have to decide that today I am going to make right choices. I have tried to be honest with myself and some days I even have to say out loud "I miss sitting down with my cookies or chips or Ice cream and watching a movie late at night" and then I immediately say "but if I wanted that life I could have it but not without all that comes with it...the weight, the fatigue and the low self esteem" I have found that being honest about health has helped me have a more realistic attitude about this not being a diet but really changing my life.

One of the most important things is to have a support group. Find people around you who believe in you and who are cheering you on. Find people that you look up to who have healthy habits and began to slowly change each bad habit with a good one. I owe so much of my success to the workout instructor who believed that I could change even before I believed it. I would say to reach out to people and let people know when you are struggling. 

I am grateful for a healthy body. I love that I can go and run 5 miles and not be sore I never could have achieved that 6 months ago. I am grateful for my body!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekly Challenge - Week 13

This week it's all up to you.

Design your own challenge.  Find your weak spot. What do you really need to work on?
Pick one thing diet related, one thing workout related.

You can leave your personal goal for the week here in a comment or on the FB page.

And then, get to work!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Real Life Inspiration

Another blog for you to check out.
I stumbled upon Fit This Girl a little over two years ago.  I was instantly intrigued by cute Mary and her journey to be fit.  She has changed her life in many years and it has been awesome to follow her on her journey.  She has turned her life around and made it something that she loves and is so positive and inspiring!  Check out her 'about me' page for her before and after pics.  In the time that I have been following her blog she has gone from a fit girl to an incredibly ripped girl on her way to figure competition.  She has the abs of my dreams.  Just in case you were wondering. 

But above all, her optimism and encouraging attitude speak volumes.  And her facebook page is full of fun inspiration as well.